The app ‘Tandem’ is a project which is independent of ‘’ . We refer to it because according to our research ( ) it is currently the best and also the free version offers good possibilities for language exchange.

For optimal use, a few tips:

1) Language exchange is recommended for people who have completed level A 1, i.e. can say “I have lived … months in … and have learned … there.” To get to this level, courses and/or self-learning programmes are necessary. Before that, of course, you can use the app for chats in a ‘lingua franca’ (common third language).

2) It is important to separate the languages and to use only that language in the time reserved for that language. This also applies to explaining. Translating saves time, but explaining in the same language is good training, it helps the partner more.

3) Language changes should be done about every 30 minutes for beginners and about every hour for advanced learners, so that you can immerse yourself in the language.

4) Look for partners with a similar level (this is most accurately expressed in A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2,  ).

5) Short and clear tips for tandem in many languages can be found at  , prepared free ‘learning sheets’ at  .

6) If you are using the payment version of the app on a trial basis and do not wish to renew it, pay close attention to the cancellation period so as not to run into problems with the Apple and Google download platforms. – Currently, the web version allows text chats, but not video chats.

7) Please do not send questions about the app to, but only to the app’s customer service support (at)  .

Have fun and success learning with !