Who is who in TANDEM ?


International (E-Mail) TANDEM Network
Name for a university E-Mail project, which was financially promoted by the European Union. First used in 1994 by Helmut Brammerts at the seminar for language training research at Ruhr University in Bochum. This name was then expanded to all kinds of Internet contacts.

Self-financed employment agency for E-Mail partnerships with its legal headquarter in the USA. Licensee of ' TANDEM Fundazioa ' and cooperation partner of  'TANDEM International '. A part of the mediator team used to work at the Tandem Agency. At the beginning of 2004 this agency stopped their activities.

Tandem Agency
Agency for free-of-charge intermediation of E-Mail partnerships, which was founded at the Seminar for language training research at Ruhr University in Bochum. It was established with funds from the European Union for the ' International (E-Mail) TANDEM Network '.

Tandem Community
Meeting place on the Internet for everyone who is interested in finding a tandem partner, created by the web master of ' TANDEM International ', Juan Ancosmez (www.tandemcity.com).

Tandem Donostia
Generic term for the tandem projects in the Basque Donostia/San Sebastián. For a long time the coordination of the TANDEM Net, carried out by Juergen Wolff, used to be located at the association ' Centro interCultural TANDEM Kulturarteko Elkartea '
Based on this, the TANDEM Fundazioa was founded in 1994, whereas the cultural association was converted into the private language school, called 'Centro de Idiomas Donostia / TANDEM San Sebastián '.


Tandem Fundazioa
Public recognized foundation for teacher training and material development, founded by Juergen Wolff in 1994. To establish this non-profit foundation, Juergen Wolff donated the trade mark rights, which he held at that time. Until 2003 it was administered by the TANDEM schools and responsible for the expansion of the TANDEM Net. Now the foundation grants licenses for the use of the tandem method and trade mark as well as specializes in the improvement of the quality of the TANDEM intermediation (www.tandemcity.infoand www.tandem-fundazioa.info ).

Tandem International
Association of language schools which holds a cooperation agreement with TANDEM Fundazioa, created in 2002. This association finances a web page (www.tandem- schools.com), a web master and a coordinator, in order to promote TANDEM schools courses.

Tandem International coordinator
Klaus Führmann (coordinator@tandem-schools.com), an employee of TANDEM International who is in charge of developing advertising media to promote and sell TANDEM courses. He is also the first contact person for all schools which are interested in becoming a member of TANDEM International.

Tandem Net(work)
Term used since 1983, describing the cooperation between the associations and language schools. Within this net language exchange partners and participants for language courses are mutually mediated. There were ' members ' (= language schools) and ' associated/members of the scientific advisory board ' (= public institutions).

Tandem Server Bochum
Carried out by Helmut Brammerts and Karin Kleppin. This server rose by renaming the ' International (E-Mail) Tandem Network ' server (www.slf.ruhr uni bochum.de).

Tandem school
A non-profit or private school, which is entitled to use the trade mark 'TANDEM' and that (to a very different extent) realizes activities with tandem language exchange.

Tandem Foundation
English translation of the Basque name 'TANDEM Fundazioa'.


Updated: October 6th, 2015