Newsletter / Mailing list

There have been big changes over the last few years. Not only TANDEM has gone onto the Internet but so have many of you. As a result, we now use E-Mails in place of paper or post for our mailings.

In the future we shall be able to keep you informed about:

A) Tandem Foundation teacher training in your area (approx twice annually)

b) the International Tandem Conference (every 3-4 years)

c) important developments and extensions of our web page (approx, twice annually)

We shall send neither language course publicity to you nor shall we pass your personal data on to institutions outside the Tandem Fundazioa.

If you wish to receive this information for free, please send us an E-mail with the following details:

subscribe mailinglist (name + occupation) < your E-Mail address >


You can withdraw from the mailing list at any time by submitting the following details:

unsubscribe mailinglist (name + occupation) < your E-Mail address >

Please keep us up to date with any changes of address.